Posted by: Melinda | January 17, 2013


This week my littles wrote about families. They gave me a good reminder of what family is.

Such a smart first grader…he must have a great teacher.

Another little guy wrote

And my all over family is the best. I received the most gorgeous snowflakes from my Auntie Janet and we’ve been using the like crazy in math this week.

I can’t wait to spend the weekend with my favorite family (you know…my mom and sister) at the Wisconsin Dells this weekend. Expect some crazy.

Posted by: Melinda | January 9, 2013

rough day.

Some days are rough. And some days are rougher than others. Today was one of the roughest.

Sometimes my sweet first grade babies aren’t so sweet. Sometimes they yell and cry really loud and bang their heads on the wall. Sometimes I keep them after school an hour to finish work they ripped up, colored on, and refused to finish. Sometimes I feel like a failure. And then I cry. And then I eat…which is another problem in and of itself.

Tomorrow is a new day. Another chance to do it better. Another chance to get it right.

And lucky for me Dance Moms Season 1 reruns are on the internet. A little consolation prize for a shitty day. And side note…I love sheer. Which I’ll probably be wearing tomorrow to help me have a postive outlook. And maybe I’ll start my day with a glass of wine. Tacky or classy? It’s such a fine line.

Posted by: Melinda | December 26, 2012

a very merry christmas

Ribbet collage
I had a very blessed and amazing Christmas. I promise to be a better blogger in 2013…which is next week. GAH!

Posted by: Melinda | September 16, 2012

down came the apple

I have a love-hate relationship with lots of thing. Potato salad, first graders, dry clean only clothes, movies, outside, and especially running.

I picked up the running habit again last Thursday recently. Since some of my big crazy family and I are in the Color Run race coming up, I thought that might be a quality idea. So on my first day back out I ran my 5k in 31:31, which was a little slower than I was hoping, but when I haven’t run in four weeks a while I can’t really complain. I was determined to get back into the running habit, so I set out Friday before school to do a short 1.5 mile run when drama ensued. Let me set the scene…

It’s a chilly, early morning around 5:15. I grab my Garmin watch and iPod, double knot my kicks, and head out the door. It’s darker that I thought it would be. I mentally make a note to stay off of gravelish roads as my visibility is weakened by the early morning darkness. I mind my own business moving along at a decent pace  on well-lit roads when… I STEP ON A FREAKING APPLE!

Now I am falling. I put my hands out to stop myself but my knees are already scraping across the pavement. I quickly get back to my feet, hoping that no early birds of Buffalo Center have seen my act of gracefulness. My knee is now throbbing, my palms are scratched and bleeding, and I’m only .75 miles into my 1.5 mile run. As tears pick my eyes, I’m freaking pissed. I keep jogging, now at a slower pace, and finish the last .75 miles. I run on gravel…in the dark…to spite the apple.

I shower and contemplate what to wear to school. The skirt I already picked out that will showcase my knee or should I change to pants so that my gracefulness is hidden but risk a potential blood stain. I went with the skirt, but swapped the heels for a sensible sandal. My first graders sat with wide eyes as I explained my skinned knee story and by lunch a middle schooler told me she heard about my knee. (I think this story almost traveled faster than the engagement rumor last week!)

Two days later, my knee is still a little sore and my palms have some nice scratches. I ran this morning, so I’m guessing I’ll be okay. Then I made an apple crisp.

Posted by: Melinda | September 1, 2012

you leave home

I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever be old enough to stop being homesick. It was about this time last year, you know…when I realize I have a job and my family is four hours away, that I spent more time crying than I did smiling. (And I still haven’t perfected that “Lauren Conrad Pretty Cry.”)

I miss my room at my parent’s house.

I miss parking in the garage.

I miss the constant support.

I miss my dad filling up my car with gas.

I miss going to Grandma’s on Sunday.

I miss my friends.

I miss the simplicity.

I miss being able to sleep through the night.

I miss living in Cedar Falls when it was just a three hour round trip drive instead of eight.

I miss my mom.

I’m praying that my kids this year will come together like my kids last year did. I’m hoping that I can make these kids successful and ready for second grade. I have lots of support at school to make it a successful year, but nothing beats the support a family gives.

Posted by: Melinda | August 24, 2012


I’ve had a long week.
First a fishing trip. I wore the pink toms. Here I am with my fish..and Adam. Let’s be serious. I don’t touch fish.See that smile! See that excitement! See the real feelings..
You don’t even want to see the real feelings about my first two days of school. I have my hands full. Luckily, first graders do funny things.

                           (If you need a translation, this firstie came from daycare.)

But this takes the cake…                  Peanuts, people! Peanuts. Your elephant would blow peanuts.

Happy freaking Friday.

Posted by: Melinda | August 15, 2012

help! i need somebody…

…to help me pack.

I’m going on a fishing trip. I know what you’re thinking. “Shut your mouth, Melinda. I don’t believe it. You hate outside.” Well, I am. And it’s not even a day trip.

I’m really struggling with what to pack. As I looked through my color categorized closet, I realized I don’t really have fishing attire. Shopping at the mall? Easy. Business casual? Covered. Hell, I could ever go to a black tie dinner event and have multiple options of outfits. Ask me about fishing. Actually don’t. Let me ask you. What does one take on a fishing trip to South Dakota…or North Dakota…I can’t remember. Anyway, here’s what I have packed.From left to right you have:

1 pair of pajamas, 3 pairs of shorts (denim, linen, and workout type), 1 pair of jeans, 3 tee shirts (2 short, 1 long), 1 workout type outfit, swimsuits (3 tops, 2 bottoms), 1 regular bra, 4 pairs on unders, 2 sports bas, 1 swimsuit coverup, 4 dressy shirts, 2 cotton dresses, 1 grey sweater, 1 rain jacket, and 2 camis.

Did I mention It’s just a two night trip. Less than 48 hours. But what do I leave out?!?

Melinda, you don’t need three pairs of shorts. But if I wear a pair Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I do!
Then you don’t need jeans. But what if it’s cold?!
Okay, but do you really need two dresses? Well they could also be swimsuit coverups.
Really? Four dressy tops? Okay, I don’t really have an answer for that…but how do you just pick one! What if we go out?! I’ve never been fishing before.

See? A complete dilemma. Don’t even get me started on shoes.

But seriously, what should I pack? Or more importantly, what should I leave out?

Posted by: Melinda | August 13, 2012

hey mr. tambourine man–er, girl

In case you didn’t know… I love weddings. Kylie’s, Kelsey’s, Kirsten’s, Paige’s, Kallie’s, Dani’s, Lyndsay’s…love, love, love.

This weekend was another wedding. G’s cousin, Brad, got married. It was too fun for words. Well, I can think of four. I had a tambourine.

That’s probably why I played the trumpet.

And this dress is a serious contender for the first day of school outfit. Speaking of school…it starts in nine days. I brought home a little homework tonight.

Bring your scissors and head over, I’ll provide the box wine and good company.


Posted by: Melinda | August 10, 2012

i’m a little more country…

…than I’ve ever been in my entire life.

This week alone I’ve set up a trail camera, weeded asparagus, and canned peppers. And I was actually pretty good at most of it. Well except the trail camera part. I didn’t wear the right attire to climb through fields and stand by trees. I’m working on it.And apparently, being a little more country means wearing a little less make-up. Or none at all for that matter.

And I went to another Twins game. I feel like two games is enough to have a favorite player. It’s Ben Revere. Oh. At the game, Danny Valencia hit a home run right over our heads. I was on tv. I wish you could have seen it. Everyone was standing up…and then there was me. I’m pretty sure I looked like this…Huh. Something else to work on…

Posted by: Melinda | July 19, 2012

we’re just having fun

I love summer. Mainly because I get to go to the lake (and I still get a pay check even though I’m not working. Although Nikki and I both agree that pinning ideas on pinterest is clearly professional development. Thank you,!.) Over the fourth, I learned 4 things.

1) Beer saved the world. There’s a documentary. It’s highly entertaining. There’s also a cheat sheet at O’hara Hardware in Ottumwa.
2) I can be best friends with just about anyone. Waitresses from Honey Creek, lead singers from the Nadas, and bartenders from Fat Annies.
3) I have the best friends. Especially when they want to surprise me at the lake, but instead my sister has to lie to her and tell her she can’t because she has her own secret surprise coming…you know like an engagement. So then she comes to Adventureland with her newly acquired fiance, who I know missed me so much.
4) I still love my family. Every last one of them.

Then after the lake, the littles came and stayed with me for a few days. It was fun…and exhausting.  Except for waking up at four crying “Don’t get me puppy!”(she’s clearly my twinsie), Sassy adapted pretty well to country life.

Overall, I think they had a pretty good time.                                                                    🙂

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